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VSLogger Call Recording Engine

VSLogger Call Recording Engine is a core part of our recording software and solutions. VSLogger is the engine that records all inbound and outbound calls for our Adutante Software Package.

Our  call recorder is compatible with a variety of phone recording boards from several major manufacturers and allows you to record audio with corresponding call details from analog, proprietary digital PBX, T1/E1, ISDN, Radio and VoIP lines.

Using the AdutanteH5 browser based UI, users can access recordings for search and playback, notes, bookmarking, flagging and much more. Configurable user permissions allow administrators to control access to the recordings on a granular level.

Additionally, if you need to integrate with your own User Interface or project, VSLogger can be configured to act as a stand-alone recording engine and provide recording for your custom application.

  • Record Multiple Lines at Once (analog, proprietary digital PBX, T1/E1, ISDN, Radio and VoIP lines)
  • An 800 GB hard drive can hold up to 148,000 hours of audio recordings
  • Capture 100% of Calls or Specific Channels
  • Easy Retrieval of Call Recordings and Data
  • Per Channel Licensing
  • Unlimited Number of Managers Can Access the Recordings – No Per Seat License

There are many reasons you may need a call recording software solution. Internal policies may have changed within the company, government regulations may be in effect, or you may be looking to increase your bottom line. Adutante is designed to help you quickly and easily start to record and listen to your phone calls.

Call Recording Software

  • Monitor Live Phone Calls
  • PCI Compliance
  • Search/Playback
  • Record Multiple Lines
  • Call Reports
  • Grade and Score Calls
  • Extract Parts of a Recording
  • Silence Parts of the Audio
  • Analog, Digital, VoIP, ISDN
  • Automatic Archiving
  • Conduct Quality Management
  • Email a Recording
  • Trunk, Extension
  • Custom Permissions
  • and Much More
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